Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Selection of Six Flags Construction Updates

The ride formerly known as Superman The Escape, and soon to open as Superman: Escape From Krypton at Six Flags Magic Mountain is looking a little red these days.

Superman's 415 ft. tower is starting to be painted red, part of the ride's transformation.  It will only be red near the top, then blue the rest of the way down.  The running rails will be yellow to complete the Superman scheme.  Click here for the whole gallery of photos.

There's a lot of ground still being ripped up to make room for Six Flags Over Georgia's new Dare Devil Dive coaster.  More photos are being added by the park's to their construction blog, and now they've even up loaded a video.

Soon after the land is clear footers will begin to dot the area, afterward the real fun begins when vertical construction starts!  Check out that blog and video here.

Six Flags Great Adventure has gotten in the game with the construction of Green Lantern - footers are now being poured at the site of the coaster.  When I visited the park in the Fall the land was all but clear, so there's probably quite a few footers already completed or well under way.

You can see some shots of that work, as well as some very up-close photos of the ride's trains from the park, here.

Last, but not least, Six Flags New England's new Gotham City Gauntlet coaster looks almost complete!  It's not often that a park finishes building next year's new ride before the previous calendar year is even over!

Still, there's a lot of painting and theming to do, and with those nasty New England winters - I don't blame them for wanting to get the ride up now.  Here's the park's full gallery.