Monday, November 8, 2010

Announcements and Updates Abound

There's quite a few smaller news items that I've seen in the past couple days that I don't want to skip, so I'm going to do a post with all of them at once.  How about that!

Six Flags Over Georgia has posted this photo of the construction site for Dare Devil Dive, taken from the top of Goliath.  Having never been to the park this certainly helps me get a better idea of where it will be located!  And indoor scrambler and theater used to live here.

Silver Dollar City has announced a new addition to the theme park for 2011, named Half Dollar Holler.  The expansion is a themed $1 million play area for kids up through age 7.

There will be all sorts of structures for kids to explore, including treetop houses with climbing nets, and there will also be individual sand lots for the little ones to dig in.  A large Story Circle will be presented by Highlights magazine.  It also sounds like the park's Carousel will be relocated to the area.

White Water Branson, located not far from Silver Dollar City, also announced a newly renovated and expanded attraction for 2011.  Aloha River at Hula Hula Bay will be a total retheme of the park's lazy river, complete with misters, geysers, bubbles and even a 30 ft. tall spraying tiki water tower.

The redevelopment will also include some additional amenities such as more shade, seating areas, and cabanas.

Cedar Point fans may rejoice that Ocean Motion won't be leaving the park, after all.  While the ride was listed on the market, I'm guessing no good offers came in as the Point posted that the ride will move to the front of the park, near Demon Drop's old home.  As you can see above, the park is currently dismantling the ride in preparation of WindSeeker's arrival.

Pennsylvania's Sesame Place will be the home of a brand name parade in 2011, named the Neighborhood Street Party.  One of the park's main attractions, the new parade will replace the Rock Around the Block Parade which has been popular for years now.

The parade "will feature three show-stopping performances that help kids learn about letters, numbers and friendship.  With 11 larger-than-life floats, the parade is a neighborhood celebration filled with fun, friends and memories."

The new floats look very nice, if you click the image you can get a bigger preview of them. 

Kings Island has started to work on their WindSeeker as well, the park's big new ride for 2011.  They posted this photo of the very start of construction in the park's Coney Mall section.  Looks like those trees in the middle planters aren't in the plan for next year!

The 301 ft. tall WindSeeker will take up residence at the end of the Coney Mall, near the exit of Vortex.

One more - Worlds of Fun has posted a brief update of their work for Planet Snoopy and also included some shots of the now razed Festhaus area.  It sounds like the park has another trick up its sleeve for 2011, and the post hints that it will be announced tomorrow.  No idea what it might be but I love surprises!