Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wizarding World Details

Universal Studios Orlando provided the media with some details of their new Wizarding World of Harry Potter "theme park within a theme park" today. Their timing, coming off Disney's weekend of mega announcements, couldn't have been any better (planned). Still, it's great to have some more concrete information on Islands of Adventure's wizarding world.

Inside of here will be Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

The big news is that the area is set to open Spring of 2010. Prior to now an official opening date was somewhat hard to pinpoint, although Spring isn't that specific either.

The Flying Unicorn family coaster will become Flight of the Hippogriff, seen here

More details on rides and attractions in the new area were released, however. The main event, so to speak, will be Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, the still secret mega ride inside the legendary Hogwarts Castle. Dueling Dragons, the highly regarded B&M dueling Inverted coasters, will be renamed Dragon Challenge, themed to the Triwizard Tournament.

This is the Owlery, described as a meeting area, which I think looks pretty

The Village of Hogsmeade will be lined with stores and food outlets, all themed to locations from the famous book series. Impeccable theming will shine in this new land, and yes, you'll be able to try Butterbeer as well as Pumpkin Juice. Yummy! (?)

Universal Orlando also released a video that is a fly through of the new land, showing off all of the buildings and attractions, as well as the concept art for each. It's available on their site, here.


Nicholas Tucker said...

Only one brand new ride? That is a little disappointing.