Friday, July 5, 2019

Kings Dominion Announces Attraction Closure for 2020 + Hint of What's to Come

© Kings Dominion
Kings Dominion has announced the permanent closure of one of Soak City's wave pools, named Big Wave Bay.  The wave pool was the older of the two wave pools that can be found at the park, and is tucked in the far back corner of the property.

The park uploaded a short video to their social feeds today announcing the attraction's departure, telling fans to "wave goodbye to Big Wave Bay" as they are "making waves" for something new.

© Kings Dominion
Kings Dominion included a quick shot of the year 2020 at the end of the video, with a couple palm trees after the numbers.  While not much of a clue as to what is coming to the park, at least we do not have to wonder if this will be for the theme park or Soak City... obviously Soak City.

The Big Wave Bay wave pool has only operated on some very busy days in the past few years, so no one is really surprised to see it go.  It is still listed as closed until further notice on the park's website, and its individual attraction page has been pulled down.

© Google Maps
What will replace the wave pool is just speculation for now.  I'd think it would be something sizable however, or the park probably wouldn't even bother to make an announcement about the wave pool's closure and the nod toward something new in 2020.  Soak City already received one of the drop box slide towers that have gone in most Cedar Fair parks, so that gives me further hope that it is going to be a bigger investment.  It would be neat to see something like a water coaster slither around the large space (above) that the pool took up!

© Google Maps
Thinking on a much grander scale, it would be fun to see Kings Dominion condense Soak City into just one section, as right now it is one of the most awkward and spread out water parks I can think of.  Racer 75 bisects Soak City and a lot of the newer attractions are already clustered in the far side of the area.  The park recently removed their Tornado water slide, which leaves the lazy river, a kiddie area, and some old water slides and amenities on the side of the park closest to the rides.

What if next year's addition was the start of creating a more condensed park in the far side?  With another slide tower and a new lazy river (plus items like changing rooms, lockers etc) in an expansion to the far area the park could gain a lot of valuable real estate right by the theme park.

Then again that's a really big change for one season, so perhaps 2020 is the start of a bigger process?  All pure speculation on my part!