Saturday, July 20, 2019

Dorney Park to Replace Wildwater Kingdom Attraction with Updated Version in 2020

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Dorney Park has received approval to remove Island Water Works, a water fun house in Wildwater Kingdom, with a better and more modern model in 2020.

The local news covered the approval at the meeting, here is a link, but it doesn't contain a lot of details.  It does quote the park's General Manager as saying the new project reflects an "updated version" of the water fun house.  We can assume it will be built on the location of the current fun house, I think, and no manufacturer was confirmed yet.  Cedar Far has used WhiteWater for similar projects throughout the chain in the past.

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Island Water Works sits on an island due to a lazy river surrounding it, the entire area was once a mini-golf course way back when.  In this aerial you can see that there is space around it for a potential bigger model to be installed, especially if they snatch up some of the the lounge areas that are on two sides of it.

The attraction opened in 1998, the same time the whole 'island' was redeveloped from a mini-golf course.  It was created by SCS Interactive and has 70 "water gags" along with two giant tipping buckets that can be filled faster through water-blaster teamwork. 

As always, we'll look forward to the park's announcement later this summer for more details, but if you're an avid fan of Island Water Works you might want to go visit while you can!


Unknown said...

This leaves one question, with all the work the park will be doing over there, is there any chance the first lazy river in the world to be built with a wave machine also get a refresh?

CoasterTim said...

Once again, no mention of a much-needed NEW coaster. Another disappointment, CF!