Sunday, July 7, 2019

Six Flags Dubai Cancelled + Developer Pays For Right to Maybe Build Park Later

© Six Flags
First announced in 2016, Six Flags Dubai had originally been planned to open this year, though individuals watching the 'construction' of the park have been reporting not much of anything going on at the site for some time now.

Back in April of this year the news broke that the park was being pulled by DXB Entertainments, which also operate a Bollywood Parks Dubai theme park, Motiongate Dubai and a Legoland near where Six Flags Dubai would have opened.  The company hasn't achieved any financial success since the parks opened, and instead of trying to build yet another park they have decided to focus on the existing properties.

Many of the rides destined to go to Six Flags Dubai were already ordered or fabricated, so many of them will be going to the Bollywood Parks Dubai and Motiongate Dubai.  Some of them are true thrill rides according to the company, featuring "world record" statistics - the details of which were not revealed.

Six Flags Dubai's original concept art, up top, featured a large launched or hyper coaster, what appeared to be a clone of Goliath at Six Flags Great America, an Intamin Ball Coaster, plus many family attractions.  It will be interesting to see which rides will appear at the other parks.

Just recently news also broke that DXB Entertainments will pay Six Flags $7.5 million in order to have the right of first refusal to build a park using the Six Flags name in Dubai.  That agreement will last for 5 years, and essentially means no one else can build a licensed Six Flags park in Dubai for that period unless DXB says they don't want to.  So, that sounds like if suddenly the existing parks start to make a profit (they lose money each year) and they want to expand, they can once again pull the trigger on opening a Six Flags park.