Saturday, July 6, 2019

Adventureland Opens New Phoenix Spinning Roller Coaster

© Adventureland Resort
The new Phoenix roller coaster has opened at Adventureland Resort in Iowa.  The ride is one of Maurer Rides' SC2000 models, with the SC standing for spinning coaster.  The ride's individual 4-seater cars spin freely on the ride's track, giving passengers (seated back to back) a thrilling but disorienting experience.

The Phoenix stands around 51 feet tall and has a track length of 1,410 feet.  It has a twisted layout that fits in a relatively small area, but still has a "big coaster" appeal.

© KCCI 8
The Phoenix is painted all black at Adventureland, both supports and track.  The cars hit a top speed of around 37 miles per hour, and there are no inversions during the ride.  The project cost the park around $6 million to complete and the Phoenix is now the park's 6th roller coaster.

Adventureland hasn't shared many photos of the ride yet, so here's a news clip about the ride opening from a local news station, KCCI: