Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Teasing Theme of 2020 New Coaster

© Busch Gardens Williamsburg
At this point, the exact plans for Busch Gardens Williamsburg's 2020 new coaster are not much of a secret, unless of course you've purposely ignored all the coverage of them (click here for those spoilers if you like).  That doesn't mean that we know exactly everything about the new ride, such as its official name and theme.

To that end, the theme park has been teasing about the attraction, with one of the biggest reveals seen up top - and that's the announcement date of 7/30/19.  Just three weeks from today!

There have been three teasers so far, each featuring a short phrase about a mythological god (and planet, by chance), all with ties to Roman history.  Fitting since the ride is expected to become a part of the Italian themed section of the park.  The above teaser states "rise with the power of Neptune’s trident and plunge deep into the raging sea," for instance.

Each of the teasers feature a flag with a logo that's related to the mythological god being named, but not much else.  All of the descriptions, like "run messages to the gods on Mercury’s lightning fast wings" and "escape Pluto’s twisted Underworld and be immortalized in the garden of the gods" elicit the idea of a fast and twisting ride, which certainly seems like exactly what is on the way.

With various gods being referenced one would think the ride's name would be all encompassing of mythology in general, but that remains to be seen.  They could take a left turn and keep naming planets, for all we know!  Make sure to follow the park's socials for more clues before the announcement at the end of the month!