Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kings Dominion Issues Second 2018 Attraction Teaser

A week after the first, Kings Dominion has issued their second 2018 attraction teaser on social media.  Here it is:

© Kings Dominion
Let's start with the obvious, we have text reading "20 better than 4," and a photo of Snoopy.  I take the phrase two ways, one is that 20 of something is better than 4 of something, but also if you take "better" as a statement of addition then they could be referencing 20 plus 4, which implies 24 as a significant figure.

Sadly I'm not quite sure what either would mean for a new ride, suspected to be a redo of the Hurler roller coaster.  20 of something being better than 4 sounds like it would work for something counted, perhaps air-time moments, instead of general statistics like height, drop, speed, or track length.  The significance of 24, if that's the case, could be that a 2018 reopening of a modified Hurler would come 24 years after it originally opened, in 1994.

Also worth noting is that one of the Ts in "better" is upside down.  Obviously that could refer to potential inversions that the ride may have.

Like the first teaser, there are also some words hidden in the background of the image.  This time I'm able to fine Snoopy, Wood, Candy and Orchard.  Still not sure of the Snoopy references, but wood appears to relate to Hurler's track style (former?).  Candy is probably related to Candy Apple Grove, which is also hinted at through Orchard as according to Wikipedia that area was originally themed as one.