Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ghostbusters Save The Day on New Ride at Heide Park

Heide Park, located in Soltau, Germany, has opened their new for 2017 blockbuster darkride, Ghostbusters 5D - The Ultimate Ghost Hunt.  The attraction is a modern dark ride offering passengers a multitude of special effects including dynamic vehicles and game play elements via in-car blasters, all while on a trip through the world of the Ghostbusters franchise.

© Heide Park
Riders who journey into Ghostbusters 5D enter a decrepit warehouse that has become infested with ghouls that are aiming to take over Heide Park.  The ride vehicles, which turned out beautifully, are themed as Ecto-x Hybrids that are motion based to add to the simulation efforts.  Each rider has their own proton blaster which is used to blast ghosts throughout the attraction, which is in 3-D video.

Heide Park partnered with Triotech to create the new ride, and also shared this video of the concepts they went through to create the ghosts of the ride.  Blasting these ghosts lets riders accumulate points, which in turn makes the ride have a competitive nature that keeps riders coming back to try it again.

Since the ride is in 3-D on-ride videos don't work so well, but I do suggest checking out the below video which shows off the ride in general.  Looks great - perhaps we will see this attraction come to other Merlin Entertainments parks in the future.