Monday, June 5, 2017

Australia's Movie World Announces New DC Rivals Hypercoaster

Warner Bros. Movie World, located on the Gold Coast in Australia, has finally let the cat out of the bag and announced details on the large purple and black roller coaster they've had under construction for months.

Named DC Rivals Hypercoaster, the coaster is being designed by Mack Rides and will stand 202 feet tall at the top of the lift hill.  The park notes that DC Rivals Hypercoaster will be the tallest, longest and fastest of its kind in the Southern hemisphere, and the only hypercoaster as well.  It is slated to open around October of this year, which is the start of the summer season in Australia.

© Warner Bros. Move World
Riders aboard the coaster will hit top speeds of more than 71 miles per hour after the first drop, and total track length is around 4,590 feet.  The experience begins with a 90 degree twisting first drop and into a large air-time hill.  The coaster then features a 131 foot tall non-inverting loop, which as the name implies keeps riders facing up while twisting across the top of the element.

The rest of the course's layout features additional air-time hills, a quick drop turn around, a twisted pretzel section in the middle of the ride and a series of small bunny hills on the way back to the station.

© Warner Bros. Move World
This layout, while not the best quality, was released from the park and shows how the coaster will tower over a large section of the park, along the entire entrance and parking area.  This drone footage of the coaster shows that about half the ride is already standing, and looking great!  Pink is a fairly difficult track color to pull off, but this ride is certainly doing it.

Warner Bros. Movie World has also released this preview animation of the DC Rivals Hypercoaster, which shows various bits of the ride's elements.  The first drop starts with a plunge under the Joker's laughing face, strengthening the coaster's theme from afar.

One other element that the park revealed today is that the last car in the train will be turned around so that extra-brave riders can experience the coaster backwards from opening day.  Can't wait to see the finished product here!