Friday, June 9, 2017

Universal Studios Japan Breaks Ground for Super Nintendo World + New Animated Preview

© Universal Studios Japan
Universal Studios Japan held a ground breaking ceremony this week for Super Nintendo World, a highly anticipated new themed area that is planned to open in 2020.  With Mario kicking off the ceremony, officials from both Universal and Nintendo gave a few additional details on the project, but plenty of what will be offered is still a mystery.

The designers have confirmed that the area will feature multiple levels that can be explored, and it will include attractions, food and beverage, retails and entertainment options.  The biggest news to come out of the event is that one of the key rides in Super Nintendo World will be the Mario Kart Experience.  It was described by designers as an "attraction that is unlike any the world has ever seen, the most immersive and cutting edge technological attraction we could possibly imagine."

Video containing clips from the ceremony is available here.

This animated video of Super Nintendo World is the most we've seen of the physical land since the original announcement.  It shows that guests will enter through one of the green tubes that Mario made famous.  Other landmarks that can be spotted are Princess Peach's Castle, Bowser's Castle and a tall structure that is made up of different hills and levels like those found in the Mario games.  The rest of the land, as seen in an aerial shot near the end, is definitely made up of staggered levels with plenty to explore.

The construction should kick into high gear now that this ceremony has taken place, so get ready for the next couple of years to be filled with construction photos of this massive project.