Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Star Trek Operation Enterprise Now Launching at Movie Park Germany

Movie Park Germany
A major new launched roller coaster, named Star Trek Operation Enterprise, has made its official debut at Movie Park Germany.  Fans of the Star Trek universe are especially happy since the park's new coaster is the only operating one on the planet to be officially licensed by CBS Consumer Products.  That means that all the characters, story lines and the like are true to the series, which has been around since the 1960s, believe it or not.

Manufactured by Mack Rides, Star Trek Operation Enterprise features two forward and one backward launch up a twisted tower in order to get trains moving at 56 miles per hour.  The trains then race through the layout which includes elements such as a 98 foot top hat, an Immelmann directly followed by a heartline roll, a 100 degree overbanked turn and a zero-g-roll.

As for the ride's theme, fans will be able to see "a holodeck, two transporter rooms and a true-to-original replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D bridge as seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation" while in the queue.  The storyline of the ride puts visitors in training for their first Starfleet mission when a Borg attack takes place, causing them to blast off on a rescue mission to save The Enterprise and its crew.

This on-ride video will let you experience what a spin on the coaster is like, start to finish.  You can also hear the soundtrack for the ride, which was specially recorded by the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra, that plays in the area around it.


Unknown said...

How long do you think those Star Trek uniforms will last?