Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hersheypark Starts Teaser Campaign for 2018 Additions

© Hersheypark
The teasing for a 2018 expansion at Hersheypark has begun, with the above image posted on social media today.  The park is urging fans to stay tuned to additional clues about what the park is building, leading up to the official announcement which will take place on August 8th.

The image pretty clearly implies an expansion to Hersheypark's water area, known as The Boardwalk.  Between the surf boards and flip flops - plus quite a lot of the color blue - the image doesn't lend itself to another expansion in the theme park.  Plus, the news article that included the official announcement date has photos of a beach bucket, shovel and beach ball that was sent out to the press.

© Google Maps
Now, the big question from my perspective is where the park will find space to further expand The Boardwalk.  The water area has become extremely popular, to the point where the park actually removed their river rapids ride a few years back to make room for a lazy river/wave pool combo.

Above is a look at The Boardwalk area, which is pretty boxed in right now.  However, in red is the area taken up by Tidal Force, a large shoot-the-chutes.  The ride still seems popular, but is sitting on very important real estate right in the middle of The Boardwalk.  Could we see that ride come to an end before next year?

There is also the area in yellow, which was once home to Roller Soaker, is not fully developed either.  The ride's large station is still sanding, and part of the area became a splash pad when the ride was removed.  With the need for expansion space so great, the splash pad could be on the cutting board, along with the old station, to allow something new to arrive.

Stay tuned for more clues!