Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Update Shows Wicked Cyclone's Latest Additions

© Six Flags New England
It has been a while since we checked in at Six Flags New England, and in that time a considerable amount of new track has been added to Wicked Cyclone's equally wicked layout.  The park held an enthusiast event this past weekend and naturally a big part of that was a construction tour of the new ride.

To that end, SFNEOnline has posted a huge photo update, showing off the most recent developments in the coaster's construction.  One especially big news item was the arrival of the front car of one of the ride's trains a couple weeks ago, seen above in a photo released by the theme park.  The detail on the front piece is amazing, an impressive display of artistry. 

The most recent track additions include a giant double-down hill, and the instillation of the two additional layers of turns under the initial overbank.  There's also been some slight design changes that have resulted in a wild outward banked hill in the middle of these turns.  A change for the better, indeed!

Stop by SFNEOnline to see the photos and get more details and some new concept art, as well.