Monday, March 9, 2015

Batman Heads to the Sky at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

© Six Flags Fiesta Texas
In just a couple weeks Six Flags Fiesta Texas has made major progress on Batman: The Ride, with the entire two lower layers of track and supports now in place!  The theme park shared a few photos recently, including beautiful panorama shot above.  Batman's lift hill is located on the right side of the photo, though that's only the first portion of it - there's more to come which will double the coaster's height.

There will also be two more layers of track above the ones seen here, and plenty more ride on those higher levels extending off to the far left of the photo.

© Six Flags Fiesta Texas
This unique perspective looks at the final drop downward to the brakes and station, probably just after what will be the last of the six full inversions that the first-of-its-kind 4-D Wing Coaster will feature.  Batman: The Ride will utilize magnetic technology that will force the individual cars to invert as they make their way along the track, including flips and moments of zero gravity.

This poster shows off all the tricks that Batman: The Ride will have, including a look at the impressive new ride vehicles being created for the attraction.  The park has also kept us all up to date on the ride's progress by releasing time lapse videos, here's a link to the most recent.