Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Second B&M Dive Coaster Opening in Europe in 2015

Italy's Gardaland will also be the home of a B&M Dive Coaster in 2015, another smaller one like we saw announced earlier for Efteling.

The ride does not appear to have an official name yet, but it does have an official website that is filled with mysterious videos about the ride.  The park is using the above "point of no return" as a current tagline, while the website also seems to be using a codename of "operation orange."

Which is an interesting codename, since the ride - both supports and track - are white:

This image is from the park's construction webcam, which they unfortunately have edited to keep the lift, turn, and first drop unseen.  If you look close you can see that an old image is being shown on top of those ride segments.

But, since the ride is standing in the middle of the park, there are plenty of current photos floating around.  Check out the entry for the ride on RCDB, and you can see photos of the ride from a few days ago.  After the first drop there is a tunnel, then up into a reverse dive-loop.  It looks like after that it will be a short trip back to the station with possibly one additional inversion.  RCDB states the ride's track at only 1,850 feet long - still 300 feet longer that Krake at Heide Park.

We also do not know the height of the ride or its drop length, but I can't imagine it will be too long before all the details are released!