Friday, October 24, 2014

Buh-Bye Big Disney's Hollywood Studios Hat!

© Disney's Hollywood Studios
This isn't really much "news," in the traditional sense, but for fans of the Florida Disney parks this is pretty much a big deal.  The large sorcerer Mickey hat that has been sitting in front of the Grauman's Chinese Theatre replication in Disney's Hollywood Studios is finally on its way out.

The park confirmed the news today that the hat, which arrived at the park in 2001, will be removed early next year.  The reason why Disney fans are so happy to see the hat go has to do with the impact it had on the Hollywood Boulevard themed area, mostly the views from within it.  The park's original design used the Grauman Theatre as a "weenie," and the hat - well it got in the way.  Plus, the hat is very large and busy, with a store and stage underneath it.

Disney's Hollywood Studios also confirmed the removal of The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow, a show based on the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise, on November 6th.

Previously announced was the closure of the Backlot Tour, which oddly hasn't been taken off the park's map yet.  Probably because without it the small park will look too tiny!  It seems like big plans are under way, perhaps Star Wars themed if you listen to the rumors.