Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Central Amusements' Latest Plan for Playland + New Ride Design

Westchester County Legislator Catherine Parker held a presentation/Q&A session last week with potential Rye Playland operator Central Amusements Inc. (CAI).  The company has remained interested in operating the park throughout the recent years of uncertainty, including when Sustainable Playland was 'chosen' as an operator, only to have them fall apart.

The presentation was held at a local library and is not a formal pitch to run the park, instead it is just to help the public interact with those who want to run the park, share their thoughts, etc.  Another operator, Standard Amusements will have their presentation in about a week.

The presentation was added to YouTube, but warning, when including the question and answer segment it's well over an hour long.  I will admit I only got through just over half.

Anyway, there were a few interesting slides that we have not seen before, and many we have.  To see the progression of CAI plans for Rye Playland, just read through our articles.

The image above shows the most current plan of investments in Rye Playland, showing some big numbers which would represent a lot of new rides and attractions over the next five years.

However, CAI is quick to point out that the $26 million planned could easily be expanded over the years.  They shared this slide of their developments in Coney Island, showing how they promised to spend $23 million there in 5 years, and ended up spending a cool $43 million.

Also, if you were wondering how much the new Thunderbolt cost, will there you have it - somewhere just under $10 million.

Now for that new ride - CAI previously said they would be interested in bringing a world record breaking pendulum ride to the park, but during this presentation mentioned adding brand new items as well, never before seen.

The image above is of the ride they were speaking of, labeled a Giant Air Race.   It looks like they've taken a normal Air Race ride and lifted it quite a bit off the ground during the ride cycle.  It is hard to tell from this concept, but it looks like the ride could be upwards of 100 feet off the ground.  Interesting, no?

If you would like to see the video of the presentation, I will embed it below.  If anyone makes it the whole way through and there are any other interesting items, please share!


John Brooks said...

The new ride by Zamperla named "Giant Air Race" reminds me of the old Intamin "Flight Trainer" with a combination of the Zamperla Air Race, except the planes themselves don't spin. Neat concept of such an amazing ride design and I hope that the Giant Air Race is just as successful as the Air Race is for Zamperla. I haven't been on a Zamperla Air Race as of yet but am willing to give it a try. Nice to see Zamperla expanding and upgrading on a very successful ride design. :-)