Saturday, September 20, 2014

Studio Backlot Tour at Disney's Hollywood Studios Fading to Black

© Disney's Hollywood Studios
One of the original attractions at Disney's Hollywood Studios, a part of Walt Disney World in Florida, will close for good on September 27th, 2014.

Announced by Disney last night, the Studio Backlot Tour, which takes guests on a tram/walking tour of the 'backlot' section of the theme park, will cease operations on that date.  The Studio Backlot Tour opened with the theme park in 1989 and currently operates with a much smaller experience for guests than it did when the park opened.

© Disney's Hollywood Studios
Currently visitors are first treated to a special effects demonstration on the walking part of the tour.  Known as Harbor Attack, the show combines footage taken of volunteers with pre-recorded film to show how movies are created.  The walking tour also includes a quick trip through the park's prop warehouse.

After boarding trams, visitors are then taken through a costume building, past a boneyard filled with vehicles used in movies, and into Catastrophe Canyon, seen above.

With a large section of the Tour removed when Lights, Motors, Action! debuted, including the residential street, some began to say the writing was on the wall.  Though quite a number of years later, it appears as though that was true.

Aside from the vague "new experiences," Laughing Place reports that some Studio Tour space will immediately be utilized to expand Frozen themed offerings for the holidays.  Read more details from them at this link.