Friday, September 26, 2014

Mantis' Transformation into Rougarou Picking Up Speed

© Bryan Edwards via Twitter
Cedar Point is wasting no time on turning Mantis into the new floorless coaster, Rougarou!  If you follow the park's communications team on Twitter, then you've probably seen these images but I thought I would repost them just in case.

The top photo is the earliest one, showing Rougarou's new orange track color nearly complete on the lift hill and drop.  The orange stands out beautifully against the blue sky.

© Tony Clark via Twitter
This photo is even more recent, showing a bit of Rougarou's 119 foot tall vertical loop - now with orange track, but more importantly it shows off the ride's new support color in daylight.  I really like the green set against that orange, plus it fits with the coaster's location above part of the Cedar Point lagoon.

© Tony Clark via Twitter
This photo was taken at the same time this past week, showing a great panorama of Rougarou's transformation.  If you look close you can see that the new support color has been applied in various locations, some on the first turn before the drop, on the loop, and several lower areas as well.  The ride's really going to pop once the painting is complete!

If you missed it earlier, read more on the Mantis/Rougarou transformation here.