Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Renovated Jungle Cruise Now Entertaining at Tokyo Disneyland

© Disney
One of the most classic Disney attractions at parks around the globe, the Jungle Cruise, has been taking guests on an adventure of a lifetime for decades.  Tokyo Disneyland recently decided to enhance their version of the ride, which reopened this summer.

D23 has posted a wonderful look at the new experience, officially titled Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions.  Included in the story are the details that went into the new ride, including creating all new spiels for the skippers that - for the first time - were written in Japanese first, not translated jokes from English.

The ride also received special upgrades that allow Tokyo Disneyland to now offer a great nighttime version.  The lighting done of the ride looks fantastic, with all sorts of new "pluses" like glowing animals eyes deep in the jungle.  Check out this video:

Granted it is all in Japanese so I haven't a clue what is being said, but it shows off all the changed scenes really well.  Make sure you don't skip the part inside the temple toward the end, there's some new projection mapping effects that look wonderful!

Also of note is the full score that accompanies the new version of the ride - a first for the attraction.  Music adds a lot to any experience, and I think it serves as a wonderful addition.  Here's to one of the U.S. parks receiving a similar make over!