Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Conneaut Lake Opens New Scare Attraction

© Conneaut Lake Park
The Hostile Hostel, a new walk through scare house, has opened at Pennsylvania's Conneaut Lake Park.  The attraction uses part of the former Fun House for its path, but is all new in both design and operation.

The attraction was the crowning achievement of a week long effort to clean, repair, and upgrade the park.  Conneaut Lake Park is operated by a public trust, which has created some rocky times for the park over the years from a financial and operational perspective.

The week long program was organized by the park to take place while a film crew was there working on a show they would like to sell to the Travel Channel.  The amount of work done during the week is palpable, as seen in this gallery shared by the park.  A host of new signs went up around the property, including a great looking one for the Blue Streak.  Additionally, many cosmetic changes were made to enhance the overall appearance of the park - that means new paint everywhere!

For more information on the Hostile Hostel and the filming that took place at the park, check out this story from the Meadville Tribune.