Sunday, August 4, 2013

From The Vault: Silverwood Theme Park 2001 Guide Map

It still blows my mind that 2001 was over a decade ago - the years just keep flying by!  Regardless of my quick-aging this week's From the Vault focuses on Silverwood Theme Park's 2001 guide map.  With a special treat at the end.

The guide map is small, not cumbersome so as to be handy during a visit to the park.  The front section advertises some of the basics, such as a reminder to grab an entertainment schedule, some information on camping and group admission tickets.  There's also a park schedule and, wait, a map of the Northwestern U.S. pointing out where guests are?  I should hope they're aware of that if they are already inside the park!

And here's the goods, the actual map of Silverwood Theme Park circa 2001.  The park had already added its two wooden roller coasters in the Coaster Alley section:  The Timber Terror (bottom) and Tremors above it.  That specific section of the park has been built up since this time, there's now a freefall and this year's new crazy inverting SpinCycle flat ride here as well (among other attractions).

You can click the image for a larger view to check out the property.

And here's a bonus item that the park sent me that year as well, a fact sheet with some of their roller coaster statistics.  The park is also home to the Corkscrew, a ride that used to call Knott's Berry Farm home.  I never knew that the park's wooden coasters each only have one train!  That must make for some long lines during the Summer season.