Friday, October 14, 2011

Take A Look At Paramount Park Spain - 3

Let's continue our tour of the proposed Paramount Park Spain with the rest of the Woodland Fantasy themed area. If you missed the earlier sections, here is a link to the previous post.

There is a large children's area in the Woodland Fantasy section that features highly themed rides aimed at younger passengers.  If you look closely at the larger photo, you can see rides such as a children's coaster, tea cups, and a "Dumbo" style ride.

A Carousel is also featured in the area, with uniquely themed creatures for riders to take a journey on.  While not pictured here the Stardust Magician Workshop is also located in Woodland Fantasy, where young magicians can perfect their skills with a professional - sounds a bit like half show half retail outlet... perhaps along the lines of the Wizarding World's Ollivanders.

Another dark ride in this section is labeled as the Fairy Tale Voyage, where "visitors will travel on a raft all over different places so as to try to discover whether fairy characters exist or not and where to find them."

The final attraction detailed for the section is probably the one I'd most love to see come to fruition, a 3-D film experience themed to the wonderfully creepy Sleepy Hollow film.

Here's the attraction's description from the planners, "Sleepy Hollow is a thrillingly scary attraction where the spooky moments are provided by what you hear and see.  This ground-breaking new attraction uses 3-D audio and holographic projections to make guests feel as if the legendary Headless Horseman is quite literally in the room with them."

Lase, but of course not least, the final section of Paramount Park Spain is the Plaza Futura.  This section is based on the future, but one that's featured in many science fiction films and thus purposely undated.

Plaza Futura will feature two different roller coasters, as well as a large simulator style attraction.  Some materials for the park mention the War of the Worlds being a theme used, but that is also totally missing from the rather detailed promotional video.

Star Trek is the film franchise used in the park's elaborate simulator ride.  Again, 4-D technology is mentioned, so it sounds like they're amping up the special effects on this one.

Here's another concept visual of the Star Trek attraction.  While the promotional material doesn't label it a simulator, this art seems to pretty much confirm that for me.

Plaza Futura will feature Warp Speed, a large steel launched roller coaster.  It is a bit hard to try to tell the manufacturer from the concept art, perhaps one isn't even really lined up yet.

One thing about Warp Speed is for sure, it looks like a thrilling attraction!  Here we see the train blasting out of the station and into the course.

The area's second roller coaster is Quasar Force, which looks like an indoor spinning ride.  The art above makes me think of Universal Studio Japan's Space Fantasy, which has had some great reviews since it opened.

We will finish our look at the park with two final conceptual aerials of the property.  Above is a daytime shot that lets us see the full layout of the park.  You can also see how at least one of the hotels in incorporated into the entrance area.

This nighttime shot gives some more details of the rides and attractions.  I usually don't like to cover proposed parks too fully, as so many of them never actually get built.  Even if Paramount Park Spain never sees the light of day, the concepts provided were too interesting not to take a look at!

For more information on the development, and to see the video that all this art is from, check out the developer's website.


Surya said...

Judging from the rails in the Warp Speed artwork it could be either Intamin, Gerstlauer or Zierer, but judging from the length of the train, I'd say it's Intamin, since all the other use short 1/2 wagon trains.