Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Take A Look At Paramount Park Spain - 2

In Part 1 we took a look at the entrance areas to Paramount Park Spain, along with the Adventure City areas. Let's continue with the rest of the park!

Rango's West is a large area of Paramount Park Spain, themed to the feature film Rango.  While many parks have a Western themed section, this would be the first to carry the Rango theme head to toe.

Here is an aerial view of most of the Rango's West area.  The area has plenty of buildings that are themed Food and Retail outlets, as well as a highly themed Rango shooting gallery.

Visible in the aerial of the area, and above, the Spirit of the West mine train coaster is sure to be a major draw for the area.  From the drawings it appears to be one of Vekoma's popular mine train layouts.  The trains pass through both Western theming, along with larger than life props.

Rango's How The West Was Sung will be a 4-D movie theater attraction in the same vein as popular attractions as Muppets 4-D at the Disney parks.  The attraction sounds like it will star Rango, but also incorporate other popular Paramount brand Western movies.

Rango's Ragin' Rapids ride will be a spectacular way for guests at Paramount Park Spain to cool off on a hot day.  The river rapids ride travels through the canyons of the West, with plenty of thematic elements along the way.

From this piece of concept art, it appears as though Rango's Ragin' Rapids will feature a section where non-riders can blast folks on the ride with water guns.

Rango's West also appears to have an area for the park's smaller guests.  Seen here is what looks like a play area that incorporates kiddie rides, like the themed frog-hopper style ride above.  There's also an interactive fountain area for kids, too.

Moving on from Rango's West the next themed area is the expansive Woodland Fantasy.  Geared as a kids area on paper, the area is filled with a variety of rides and attractions that actually seem to be for all age ranges.

The area appears to be a blend of fairytale environments, touching on several different movie properties.  I'm not sure exactly what the above shot is of, most likely retail and/or a restaurant, but it certainly looks pretty Fantasyland-ish to me!

One of Woodland Fantasy's big attractions (though there are several) is a custom dark ride themed to the Spiderwick Chronicles.  Here we see the facade for the attraction, a replica of the house from the film.

This is a conceptual drawing of the loading area for the Spiderwick Chronicles dark ride.  Naturally the ride vehicles draw a comparison to the Haunted Mansion's, but there are several key differences.

The Spiderwick Chronicles dark ride actually has an interactive element.  As guests ride through the scenes they use their "magic wand" to blast at different elements in order to collect points.  The ride looks highly detailed and features plenty of scenes from the movie.

There's more Woodland Fantasy to explore, along with one more major park area, but we will wait for the last part of this series to look at them.