Sunday, October 10, 2010

Checking Out The Green Lantern at Great Adventure

Having visited Six Flags Great Adventure this past weekend for Fright Fest (story on that later this week), I naturally had to see how things were coming along for the Green Lantern, the park's new stand-up coaster for 2011.

Yup there it is!  This sign that's promoting the ride is found outside the main entrance area.  I'm sure we will see an official logo for the ride released soon.  Green Lantern will take up the area that was formerly occupied by the Great American Scream Machine from 1989 to July of this year.

Let us backtrack to the parking lot, where on the journey from the car I got up close and personal with the Green Lantern's construction site.  Here we see the funstruction banner with the work site behind it.  Notice that no trace of Scream Machine is left.

Here's another view.  If you look at the bigger version you can see the outline of the parking lot section they've just started to rip up.  Much of the ride's track will sit closer to the park but the lift and drop will run next to Superman in this area.

If you are going to build a coaster, you need some track, right?  Well, there's plenty of it at the park now, and it's sporting a nice green color.

Seeing B&M coaster track in a parking lot is like knowing you're going to get your most desired toy on Christmas for coaster fans.  Here we see not only some huge pieces of track but also the freshly painted black supports.

Here are some more supports, a big spiral staircase, and the base of the ride's lift hill - which is still yellow from when the ride was Chang and lived in Kentucky.  Sounds like the start of a good lymerick, right? "There once was a coaster in Kentucky, who's home park was unlucky..."

From the park's Sky Ride we can get a nice view of the Green Lantern's track and supports lined up and ready to go.  I think the ride's going to have a great visual impact on the front of the park, which admittedly does look rather bare right now without Scream Machine.

Views of Scream Machine's former home are also nice from up there - this gives you a good idea of how barren the land is that the ride sat on.  I don't even see any footers or anything left at this point.

And finally, here are the only remains of the former ride inside the park - the coaster's entrance queue structure.  I'm actually surprised they let the signage up there all season with the ride being removed, but maybe it's a tribute or something. 

Green Lantern is slated for a Spring 2011 debut, you can find out more on the ride from Six Flags Great Adventure.