Friday, October 8, 2010

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2011: SkyScreamer

Guests at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will have an entirely new way to reach for the sky in 2011 when the park debuts SkyScreamer.  The towering thrill ride will stand as tall as the park's biggest roller coaster, Medusa, at 150 ft. in height.

Riders will sit in pairs in open-air swings that hang from the main tower.  As it lifts up it will rotate, eventually sending riders out in a 98 foot circle at 43 miles per hour.  The new ride is expected to open in Spring of 2011.

The ride is similar to the one previously announced for Six Flags St. Louis, though not at tall.  I believe that Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has more strict height limits to deal with, though.  I still think it is going to be a hit for the park next year!


Ryan said...

Hopefully more parks pick these up. Looks like a good combination of cost versus hype. I enjoyed Martin's, and am looking forward to more.