Monday, October 25, 2010

Snoopy Is Moving In!

Valleyfair has wasted no time in starting work on their new Planet Snoopy.  The $9 million kids area will debut in 2011 and take over the former KidWorks section of the park, creating a larger and more cohesively themed land.  The area will feature 7 re-themed kids attractions, 6 brand new ones, a Family Care Center and other amenities.

Much of the work site is already cleared, as seen in these photos over on Valleyfairzone.  The clearing extends from around the High Roller wooden coaster and over to the Corkscrew's famous inversions.  A significant part of the theming leftovers from the Berenstain Bear days look to have been removed.

With a cold winter just around the corner, I can't say I blame the park for getting a head start on all the work!