Thursday, July 1, 2010

Texas Giant's New Drop Takes Shape

Six Flags Over Texas is proudly showing off the new first drop that was installed today for the currently under re-construction Texas Giant. The wooden roller coaster is undergoing a year-long makeover that aims to once again make it the best wooden ride in the world.

The ride's new first drop will take rides down at an amazing 79 degrees, making it the steepest drop on any wooden coaster in the world. The part of the first drop that has the steepest incline was installed today.

It also appears as though the ride will now feature a double-up after the first drop on its way to the top of the second hill. That should provide some really amazing airtime!

In addition to the steep first drop, the ride will also have banking at 95 degrees, also the most on a wooden coaster - and the first hill will will stand 10 feet taller. The newly designed steel running track has been fabricated and installed by Rocky Mountain Construction Group.

The highly anticipated 'new' Texas Giant is scheduled to open in 2011.