Thursday, July 15, 2010

New B&M Prototype At Gardaland In 2011

Gardaland, located in Italy, has announced X-Raptor - a new B&M prototype coaster to be added to the theme park in 2011.

As made clear by the art above, the coaster will be similar in design to Intamin's Wing Rider design, where riders sit in pairs of two on 'wings' with no track above or below them. The B&M prototype of a similar ride has been rumored for some time now, but Gardaland has confirmed they will receive the first installation.

X-Raptor will feature some interesting elements. The station will be underground, and the lift will top out at about 98 feet. The coaster will have 2,624 feet of track, and will feature two zero-g spins. The path will also have 90 degree banks, and will be close to the ground and water to enhance the sensation of speed.

It's in Italian, but the park's page for the ride can be found here.