Wednesday, December 2, 2009

November Poll Results

I'm not sure if it's because it's been reported that pieces of Chang have arrived at Six Flags Great America, but you guys sure seem to want the ride to end up there! I do think it would be a nice fit, there's just that pesky issue of the park already having a stand-up coaster that irks me somewhat.

Then again, look at some decisions being made in the industry right now, and, well, nothing seems off limits these days.

Six Flags America was the runner up this month, and that also seems to fit. But personally, I think Six Flags America needs more than just big steel rides in fields, because they already have that. I've always thought that SFA needs more 'park' before it's ready for more big rides - more shops, eateries, potties, shows, etc. along walkways to fill in some sections.

Six Flags St. Louis was the third most popular choice, and that also seems to work in the grand scheme of things. It would help round out their coaster selection nicely. The other parks listed all got their share of votes, but none so much that they stood out.

Where is Chang really going? We'll see...