Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dorney Demon Update 12.15.09

Does anyone else think I just came up with a great name for the ride in this post's title? The Dorney Demon is an alliteration (which I love in general), pays tribute to the ride's former identity, AND uses the park's name!

Anyway - since last checking in on the various pieces of Demon Drop from Cedar Point arriving at Dorney Park some more important items have arrived...

The ride's cars! Sure hope they paint over that Cedar Point logo on there! (kidding, I know they will)

A slew of pieces are sitting out in the lot at this point.

Here's some of the newer stuff. Still does not look like a lot of the main drop tower has arrived, though. More as it happens!


Sabrina said...

Maybe they *should* leave that Cedar Point logo on the cars, and simply charge The Shops at Cedar Point for advertising. It could be a great money maker. I've always found it highly entertaining that a shopping center by that name exists right across the street from DP.

P.S. - We are out of control with the alliteration lately. I think we need to join a 12-step program. Like maybe....wait for it....Alliterators Anonymous!

dwitos079 said...

Or maybe just rename the corner by the lake cedar point haha. It said Demon drop was "retaining its theme" maybe they will call that area cedar point.