Monday, October 19, 2009

If You Can't Sell It, Move It!

Today Screamscape linked to a newsletter from the planning body of the city of Buena Park, CA, that blatantly announces that Knott's Berry Farm will add Demon Drop from Cedar Point as their 2010 attraction.

Even more interesting is that the newsletter is from back in August! I'd seen on various message boards that people would be shocked when they found out what Knott's had planned, but I really never would have guessed this one in a million years.

The little article says that it will replace the Screamin' Swing that was built on the land where Vertigo stood for a short while, located in between Pony Express's high turn and the Calico Mine Ride.

This area does lend itself to a long, tall ride, but one might fear more of the park's theming might be lost with the addition. I do hope that Cedar Fair designs the ride to look like an oil rig, or something along those lines to help it fit in.

The blurb also says installation of the ride should start very early in January, so one would guess it'll be removed from Cedar Point pretty quickly after they close for the year. Demon Drop was for sale for a number of years but never found a buyer, so it looks like the company's next best idea was to move it across the country!