Friday, August 21, 2009

Canada's Wonderland 2010: Planet Snoopy

Looks like we now have confirmation that Cedar Fair may be ditching their licensing of Nickelodeon and Hanna-Barbera at some of the former Paramount Parks with the announcement of Planet Snoopy at Canada's Wonderland in 2010.

There's really only the graphic above available on the park's website, so details are thin. It does say that both Nickelodeon Central and Hanna-Barbera Land with both transform into Planet Snoopy for this spring. The three new rides mentioned along with the Snoopy ice show are interesting as well.

Looking at the park's map we can see that their kiddie areas are pretty much located together: Kidzville, Hanna-Barbera Land, and Nickelodeon Central are along side of one another. Kidzville looks to be left alone, which makes sense since it's not licensed to any character set.

As for Nickelodeon Central, that looks like a pretty easy change:

As it's really only four rides in the area and some food/retail locations. The rides include some bumper cars as well as smaller kiddie spinners.

While Hanna-Barbera Land has an equally small number of rides to retheme, I'm counting about three kiddie spinners, it does pose a bigger challenge. That would be Scooby Doo's Haunted Mansion, a shooter dark ride themed to a crazy trip with Scooby and the Gang. I have to wonder what the heck Cedar Fair will do with this dark ride! This is the first time that they've been in charge of redoing something like this, and I personally can't wait to see how this one shakes out.

The park's family wooden coaster, Scooby's Gasping Ghoster Coaster, will also have to be renamed as part of the transformation.

Will we soon see announcements like this at the other former Paramount Parks?


Matthew said...

Oh interesting! nxt year seems exciting