Monday, November 3, 2008

Six Flags New England Goes Viral

Looks like there will be another viral marketing campaign to follow this offseason - Six Flags New England has created Clawshun Industries as the the company that has been hired to transform their Superman ride this winter.

According to reports the park had individuals from Clawshun at the park this past weekend and the park also had protesters who were against the changes being made to the ride (all fake, of course).

It'll interesting to see where they take all this... it's very reminiscent of Hershey Park's 'Nantimi' viral effort last year that led up to the announcement of Fahrenheit.

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I also highly suggest checking out this thread at SFNE Online. It has tons of photos of the signs they park put up as part of the Clawshun stuff, as well as scans of the fliers that the protesters had.

Plus, a considerable amount of Superman has already been repainted, which they have photos of as well.

Finally, TGESource has posted some info and also a video of the presentation that the park GM gave regarding the ride's transformation, which is also worth watching.