Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Laser Removal Continues

Quite a bit more of Laser has been removed since Monday when they started. These photos were taken this afternoon.

The entire lift hill is gone now, supports included. They also have started removing track from the first drop.

The skyline is already very different without the lift hill in place.

When I was there workers were getting a section of the final helix ready to come down. Track pieces were then being placed into big shipping containers, seen in the bottom left of the above photo.

A closer view of the track getting ready to come down. It doesn't seem like it will take very long at all for the whole thing to be on its way across the Atlantic!


Anonymous said...

Any Idea of where its going? Its coming down fast!

sven said...

It's going to Germany, it will be a travelling Coaster on the german Fairgrounds. It has been bought by showmen Rosenzweig and Meyer, the first owning the biggest travelling Ferris Wheel in the world, the second owning one of the bigger travelling log flumes in Germany.