Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hard Rock Park Going At Auction

No time is being wasted in the bankruptcy proceedings for Hard Rock Park. The latest is that the park will be sold at auction on December 15th, a month from today.

The assets of the park will be sold off either as a whole or in pieces. If it goes in pieces that's certainly the death toll for the park ever opening again.

Myrtle beach online is reporting that "qualified bidders must show they can meet the minimum $35 million price, put up 10 percent of that as cash, and prove they have enough money and experience to run the business, according to court documents filed in Delaware bankruptcy court." That is, of course, for anyone who wants to reopen the property.

The park cost $400 to build and just opened this past year. If the park isn't sold to someone who plans to reopen it this is certainly a chance for the big operators like Cedar Fair and Six Flags to get a steal on some nice rides, like the B&M Led Zeppelin and a Vekoma mine train, as well as assorted flat rides with interesting themes.