Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Dorney Park Zoning Requests

In addition to the blanket rezoning request that Dorney Park recently submitted, like Six Flags New England's (which passed, by the way) the park is also requesting two specific zoning changes that have my mind whirling:

"Petition of Cedar Fair, L.P., to the South Whitehall Township Board of Commissioners proposing to rezone the following tracts of land:

(1) Petitioner requests to rezone an existing portion of the Dorney Park Amusement Park consisting of approximately 3.6 acres from its current Medium Density Residential (R-4) zoning designation to Commercial Recreation (CR). The area to be considered extends along the rear property lines of 210 through 342 Haines Mill Road and having a varying depth of approximately fifty (50’) to two hundred feet (200’).

(2) Petitioner requests to rezone approximately 2.6 acres of land having frontage along Walnut Street, opposite Scenic Street, from its current R-5 Medium Density Residential zoning designation to a Commercial Recreation (CR) zoning designation."

Let's look at #1. That's the area of the park that's behind Thunder Canyon, the park's river rapids ride. Here is the area between the two red lines, which represent the addresses listed in the petition:

This is a very limited space with houses very close by. The only thing I could think of adding here that makes sense is a new warehouse type building like that which went up for Club Blood, to house another indoor haunted house. Haunt is highly rumored to be expanded again next year, after all.

As for #2, well that's in an area of the park that's used only by employees. The two big buildings in the below photo are both maintenance and warehouse structures for the park. The area with the request for rezone is along the red line:

I really have no idea about this one since it's quite disconnected from the amusement park itself. Perhaps another new maintenance structure of some sort?

I know this isn't earth-shattering, and not at all indicative of any new ride at all whatsoever, but it's the off-season and I need something to ponder!