Saturday, November 15, 2008

Laser Removal Photos: 11.15.08

The weather has been pretty horrible around here the past 3 days, but crews have pushed along with the removal of Laser from Dorney Park.

Here are some photos taken today:

Here is a general view of what is left of the ride. Really, that's just the two loops and the first helix, the rest is gone.

The rain stopped this morning for a while, and crews were back up working on prepping what looks like the next section to go, the first helix.

Wider view - you can see Hydra's cars sitting out on top of the employee parking lot hill in the background, they are the teal things.

View from another angle.

Two guys staring at roller coaster track: this is intensely interesting for coaster nerds!

Here's where they pack up the pieces in shipping containers, and the crane that does this work. From here it's on a boat to Europe!


linearinduction said...

That Carousel shouldn't take too long to come down.