Tuesday, July 14, 2020

New Plan Formed to Reopen New York's Fantasy Island Amusement Park

© Empire Adventures
The sudden closure of Western New York's Fantasy Island Amusement Park earlier this year left many fans of the property sad and disappointed.  The park has a history that dates back to 1961, meaning at this point it had been enjoyed by generations of visitors, making it a summertime tradition for many.

While the park has been mostly cleared of rides and definitely will not return exactly as it was in 2019, a new plan has been put together to reopen the park, possibly as soon as next year.

Empire Adventures is a group of individuals dedicated to reopening the park, and between them have a lot of history with both Fantasy Island and amusement parks.  However, there will be a lot of investors and help needed to get the park back up and running.

You can read more about Empire Adventure and their plan on their website - they currently have a several phase plan to reopen the park.  If it works out, rides could be added back to the park and opened as soon as 2021.

The group currently has a letter of intent with the company that owns the land under the park, and is working to grow their plan through additional investments using a grassroots style.  They even have a Go Fund Me page up right now.

The park is home to the Silver Comet, a Custom Coasters wooden ride that opened in 1999.  It is still standing at the park and Empire Adventures plans to reopen it along with the park.