Thursday, July 23, 2020

Intamin Shares Concept Videos for New Coaster and Water Ride Attractions

This unusual summer is a perfect time for fans to do a little day dreaming about new rides that could come to their favorite park, and in this case via Intamin.  The famous attraction manufacturer has released four new videos of rides that they've cooked up.  Let's take a look.

Up first is the Ultra Splash, which looks similar to Mack's PowerSplash rides in concept.  Intamin's version uses a unique track design that is more of an I-beam than traditional track, and it supports itself all on one beefy looking base.

The ride follows similar motions to the PowerSplash, launching the high capacity boats up two vertical towers, back and forth until water fills the chamber below and the boat makes a giant splash.

The video notes that the ride offers a traveling track length of 1,722 feet, stands 121 feet tall and moves at a maximum speed of 58 miles per hour.

Up next is the Giga Splash, which uses a similar track and boat style as the Ultra Splash, but uses a vertical elevator to send boats down a giant, steep drop toward the pool below.

It looks like an updated version of the Intamin ride created for Holiday World (since removed) originally called Pilgrims Plunge.  The new version can start with a meandering ride channel before the elevator, which turns boats (that have stadium seating) 285 degrees for a nice view.

The boats head up 131 feet then drop down at 87 degrees at 62 miles per hour, over a huge air-time hill and then into a giant splash.

Here we have the LSM Vertical Coaster 47-280, a wild new compact coaster that Intamin says is the most compact triple launch coaster design in the world.

The ride features a forward, backward and forward launch to get the train heading up toward the top of the structure, at which point an extra launch boost takes place while riders are upside down.  At the crest the trains start a twisting downward "torpedo dive," soar near the station, then head up into a zig-zag loop.

The ride can handle either one trip around the track or two per cycle depending on the customer.

Lastly, Intamin released a new video for a single rail style coaster branded under the name Hot Racer.  The ride looks like Intamin's answer to Rocky Mountain Construction's single rail coasters.

They have come up with three example layouts, all of which are racing coasters with two separate tracks.  There is a small, medium and large example and the video details several new element types along with other popular ones we've seen on existing rides.