Sunday, July 19, 2020

Hong Kong Disneyland is Closed Again, Sesame Place Sets Plans to Open

© Hong Kong Dineyland
Hong Kong Disneyland
was one of the first theme parks to close due to COVID-19, back toward the end of January.  It then reopened in the middle of June as one of the first in Disney's portfolio to welcome back visitors, but now due to new restrictions put in place by the Hong Kong government, it is once again closed.

The park officially closed again in the middle of last week as Hong Kong has seen increasing COVID-19 cases and is taking immediate and serious measures to stop that.  Per this news article, the area has seen 1,500 new cases since January, leading to the park's closure (and many other social restrictions).  Considering that a great number of states in the U.S. are filing way more cases than that per day, it isn't hard to figure out that Hong Kong is not messing around.

The closing of Hong Kong Disneyland does not have an official end date, and comes the same week that both the Disneyland Paris Resort and Walt Disney World in Florida were welcoming back visitors.

© Sesame Place
Pennsylvania's popular children's theme park, Sesame Place, has announced that it will reopen on July 24th.  While late in the summer, the park's water activities will certainly be welcomed by visitors as it has been one especially hot summer in the Northeast.

The park, as with other SeaWorld Entertainment properties, will have a full set of changes in place to operate in a COVID-19 world.  These measures include temperature checks for visitors and employees, mandatory face masks for those age 2 and older, social distancing protocols throughout the park, increased cleaning and sanitization and many changes to food and beverage services.  You can read through the park's full set of changes at this link.

In order to reduce interactions the park is also keeping several of their shows, their daily parade and some character interactions either restricted or closed.

Earlier this year Sesame Place announced two new attractions, a small family ride and a toddler play area, for the park's 40th birthday celebration.  Neither of these attractions are listed as part of the park's offerings, so it appears as they have been delayed or cancelled.