Thursday, July 9, 2020

Michigan's Adventure + Six Flags Great America Opening Only Waterparks Soon

© Cedar Fair
Cedar Fair's Michigan's Adventure has announced that they will open the property's water park, WildWater Adventure, on July 16th.  The first day will only be for season pass holders, then starting July 17th all ticket types are welcome.

At the same time of this announcement, the park has also made it clear that the rides in Michigan's Adventure will not be operating in 2020.  The park has always had a much shorter season than the other Cedar Fair parks, closing out the season at the end of summer, so in that regard this makes sense.

The parks that have opened ride-only operations appear to be having light attendance - not only for Cedar Fair - so the method of opening a water park only makes sense to me.  It's been a rather hot summer so far in many parts of the country, so perhaps there will be a larger draw for the water attractions rather than steel rides.  Also of note, I am not sure and did not research whether Michigan and Illinois are allowing theme parks to open, it could be that only water parks are allowed at this point.

WildWater Adventure at Michigan's Adventure will require a reservation to visit, and the park will follow the same standards that other Cedar Fair parks have employed - including mandatory face masks.  Right now the park's hours reflect operations Thursday through Sunday only, 11 am to 6 pm each day.

© Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America is going with a similar plan as it has announced opening Hurricane Harbor Chicago starting on July 20th.  The park will be open only for season pass holders and members from that date until July 26th.  Starting July 27th the park is planned to open to all ticket types.

The safety standards set in place at other Six Flags parks that have already opened will be used at Hurricane Harbor Chicago.  Guests must make a reservation to visit ahead of time, wear masks and practice social distancing while at the park.

Hurricane Harbor Chicago was set to debut a brand new water roller coaster, named Tsunami Surge, which has now officially been delayed until the 2021 season. 

For now the park appears to be saying that the theme park is remaining closed at the moment, I'm not seeing them list that it definitely will not open in 2020 as Michigan's Adventure said.