Sunday, May 3, 2020

Universal's Epic Universe Theme Park Project Opening Pushed One Year Due to Pandemic

© Universal Studios
Thankfully the project is still very much alive, however we'll all have to wait one more year to visit Universal's Epic Universe, the resort's latest major project to be announced.

Initially the project was set to open in 2023, though that was only revealed by Comcast on investor related earnings calls.  To that end, it seems that the park would now be destined for 2024, giving Universal breathing room in a challenging environment that the pandemic has created.

With the theme parks closed, the company said that they could lose up to $500 million in profits if the closure runs through the end of June.  That's not revenues, that's actual profit that Comcast uses at least in part to reinvest into the theme park division.

© Universal Studios
Universal did make a comment in the above-linked news story reassuring all that they're committed to building the park , and have faith that eventually the theme park industry will be as strong as it has been in recent times.  Encouraging, indeed.

Comcast's recent earnings call also indicated that the new Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan is nearly finished, though that park isn't currently open, and that Universal Studios Beijing is still on time and budget for a 2021 opening.