Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Silverwood Theme Park + Boulder Beach To Open May 30th + June 6th

© Silverwood Theme Park
Silverwood Theme Park will open its gates for the 2020 season on May 30th, and its water park, Boulder Beach, will open on June 6th, the property has announced.  The parks have been cleared to open by the state, and its owners have planned "extensive social distancing and cleaning protocols" to keep guests safe while visiting.

To control guest capacity, Silverwood Theme Park will require tickets purchased online to be for a specific date.  They will also offer guests a mask upon entry if they want to wear one and do not have any.

© Silverwood Theme Park
The park will utilize social distancing in ride queue areas, and also sanitize ride vehicles between dispatches.  To that end the park is letting visitors know that lines may appear longer and it will take a bit of extra time to board some attractions.  Understandable given the world now.

The park's total list of precautions is extensive, but also include promoting cashless transactions, social distancing while dining, single use items for food service, open door policies on indoor areas for further ventilation, upgraded filtration systems, and more.

Good luck to the park on their opening, as one of the first in North American we will be watching to see how it goes!