Thursday, May 7, 2020

Hersheypark's New Candymonium Coaster Begins Testing

© Hersheypark
As construction projects have begun to be allowed again in the State of Pennsylvania, Hersheypark has picked up where they left off on their massive Chocolatetown expansion.  Before the construction pause the park had finished the track and supports for Candymonium, and now we have footage from some of the coaster's first test runs!

The park has shared this footage on all their various social media outlets, and it's great to see a new coaster roaring through the tracks!  I must say that Candymonium looks to have some nice speed through its layout, especially in the turnaround.  As with other hyper coasters, air-time will be one of the main draws for the coaster.  With a multitude of bunny hills throughout the course, this ride is sure to deliver.

Here is another video of Candymonium testing, featuring plenty of footage from different angles.  Some of the best views can be found at the end, so be sure not to miss those.

Candymonium is one of B&M's popular hyper coasters, standing 210 feet tall, with a maximum speed of 76 miles per hour and 4,636 feet of track.  While no official opening date for Hersheypark has been released, I'm sure plenty of fans will visit the park this summer to check out the new ride.