Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Holiday World Plans June 14th For 2020 Season Opening Date

© Holiday World
While it is clear that parks are working on elaborate plans to reopen, Holiday World has gone ahead an announced a date for the start of their 2020 season: June 14th.  To my knowledge that's the first medium to large sized park in the U.S. that has committed to an opening date.

It's certainly within the range of when most have expected parks to be able to open, at the earliest.  It still gives them about six weeks to plan and prepare, and according to Holiday World they are doing plenty of that.

© Holiday World
The park has been extremely flexible with pre-purchased tickets, but is also sharing news of their operating plans with regarding to sanitizing and safety.  In addition to hand sanitizer available all over the park, they will also be sanitizing their rides and potentially limiting attendance.  Not too surprising, as those seem to be staple elements of all parks gradual reopening plans.

The park has also notified guests that not all rides may be available immediately, or operating with reduced capacity.  For instance, the trains for The Voyage are still at PTC, which has been closed, so the park might borrow a train from both the Legend and Raven to get Voyage up and running.  They're also not sure exactly when their new dueling water slide, Cheetah Chase will be opening.

I'm sure a lot of the park's opening will be test-and-go, with things changing constantly based off of what works and what doesn't.  It's wonderful for people to have a firm date for the park to open, if for no other reason than to have something to look forward to!