Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Six Flags New England's Latest Thrill Ride - Cyborg Hyper Drive - Now Open to Visitors

© Six Flags New England
© Six Flags New England
The all-new Cyborg Hyper Drive thrill ride has opened at Six Flags New England, an indoor experience that combines thrilling movements with futuristic lighting and special effects.  Located within the park's DC Super Hero Adventures themed area, Cyborg Hyper Drive is the park's first indoor dark ride since 1999.

The ride has taken residence within an existing building that has hosted other rides throughout the years, but has receive a total makeover for Cyborg.  The attraction is one of Chance Rides' Freestyle flat rides, which has outward facing seats.  Riders rotate in two ways in a giant circle while the ride lifts upward, creating a thrilling experience.

© Six Flags New England
The story line of Cyborg Hyper Drive "invites guests to S.T.A.R. Labs to help Cyborg test a new technological device.  As the story unfolds, the evil, sentient cybernetic system called GRID hacks into the mainframe and takes control of the entire lab.  Riders find themselves caught up in the battle, spinning and whirling mercilessly through the air, while Cyborg wrestles to regain control of the enormous machine."

For more information on Cyborg Hyper Drive check out Six Flags New England's website.