Saturday, June 22, 2019

Intamin's Latest Blitz Coaster - Taiga - Opens at Finland's Linnanmaki

© Linnanmaki
The Earth can't have enough Intamin Blitz Coasters in my opinion, and thankfully another one opened a few days ago in Finland at Linnanmaki.  Named Taiga, the coaster features beautiful blue track with black supports and two launches - the fastest of which hits 66 miles per hour.

Even better, the ride takes full advantage of a large sloping hillside over its 3,622 feet of track, with swoops and dives down below the main portion of the ride.

© Linnanmaki
Taiga has beautiful bird themed trains, the front of which is seen here.  The bright colors of reds and oranges contrast nicely with the cool track colors.

The ride starts with a launch out of the station and up into a dive loop, then down the hill side through a series of twists and turns.  The next launch, the fastest of the two, takes place next sending the trains up a twisting top hat to 170 feet in the air.  The rest of the layout has another dive loop, an Immelmann, some high-speed direction changes and an in-line twist finale.

The below video from YouTube channel Ride Review features an excellent on-ride of Taiga, along with plenty of off-ride shots as well.